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6 Headshot Photography Tips

Business headshot of a businesswoman

A successful photoshoot is easier than you think. Here are 6 headshot photography tips for a successful photoshoot.

1. Hire A Professional Photographer

Sure I’m biased on this but if you want a successful photoshoot hire a pro.  When looking through a photographer’s portfolio make sure the style of photography is appropriate for your brand or business. And if all you see are young, fit, beautiful white people look at some other photographers before making your decision.  

2. Keep The Clothing Simple

Solid colors are great.  Prints can be distracting.  If you’re unsure about color, neutrals like gray, black and brown always work.  Bring more than one outfit and make sure they’re not the same color.  Keep jewelry to a minimum unless it’s an important part of your brand.

Corporate headshot of a businesswoman

3. Have Your Outfits Ready To Go The Night Before

This will give you one less thing to worry about the day of the shoot.  Make sure that everything is ironed and bring them on a hanger.  Most photo studios have a clothing rack.  If you’re bringing only one outfit bring it on a hanger or wear it to the studio.

4. Hire A Professional Makeup Artist

This is never the wrong choice.  Make sure to hire someone who does makeup for photography.  The woman at the makeup counter might do a great job but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work with strobe lights in a studio.  Most headshot photographers have people they’ve worked with who they can recommend.

Headshot of an African American Woman

5. Get Enough Sleep The Night Before

A lot of my clients are concerned with bags under their eyes.  While good makeup and good retouching can help, a good night’s sleep will help even more for a successful photoshoot.

Headshot of a middle aged business man

6. Arrive Early

Give yourself more time than it takes to get to the studio.  The last thing you want is being stressed out from running late when the lights pop and the camera starts clicking.

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