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7 Tips On How To Dress For A Business Headshot

Portrait of african american female attorney

Are you nervous on how to dress for a business headshot? Here’s a list of the best tips to make you feel comfortable.

1. Dress for Your Dream Client:

If you were to have lunch with your dream client what would you wear?

2. Wear Solid Colors:

Prints can be distracting while solid colors keep the attention on you which is the point of the headshot. A good rule of thumb is to choose colors that are in harmony with or complimentary to your hair and eye color. If you’re not sure what colors work best bring neutral colors such as black, grey, brown and dark blue.

Corporate headshot of a businesswoman

3. Bring More Than One Outfit:

Even if you’re coming away with only one headshot bring two outfits and do test shots in each. Make sure they’re not the same color.

4. Wear Clothing That’s Fitted:

A flowy outfit might look great in the mirror but in the rectangle of a headshot it could actually add weight that’s not really there. None of us wants that.

Actor headshot of an actress

5. Clothing Should be Wrinkle Free:

If you’re bringing more than one outfit make sure it’s ironed the night before and bring them to the shoot on a hanger. Most photo studios have a rack to hang your clothing on. Not all of them have steamers.

6. Jewelry Should be Kept to a Minimum:

Again like busy prints, jewelry can take the attention away from you. However, if jewelry is part of you brand or your business it might be appropriate.

Headshot of Latina business woman

7. Don’t Sweat the Shoes:

A headshot session will rarely go past your knees let alone to the floor. Wear something comfortable on your feet.

I hope these 7 tips helped you learn how to dress for a business headshot.

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