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How To Shoot Lifestyle Photography

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Lifestyle photography is a type of photography that aims to capture real-life moments and events in a natural, candid way. Here are a few tips on how to shoot lifestyle photography:

Get To Know Your Subject

Understanding your subject’s personality, interests, and lifestyle is essential to help you create authentic and meaningful photographs. Take some time to get to know your subject and ask them about their interests, hobbies, and everyday routines.

Capture Candid Moments

Capturing candid moments can be difficult, depending on your subject. If the shots aren’t happening and the clock is ticking, I recommend setting these moments up rather than waiting for them to happen.

Use Natural Light

Natural light is a critical element of lifestyle photography, as it helps to create a more natural and authentic look. Look for opportunities to photograph your subject in natural light, such as shooting near a window or outdoors. I always carry at least a flash if the natural light isn’t bright enough in the location we’re shooting.

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Experiment With Props

When you can effectively incorporate props and backgrounds into lifestyle photos you can greatly add depth, interest, and personality to your images. When used effectively, these elements can help to tell a story about who your client is and what they do and can help to set them apart from the competition.

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Use Different Lenses With Different Focal Lengths

Lifestyle can incorporate anything type of photography. Have a 24mm or 35mm handy for pictures that feature their environment or the people they work with daily. Use a longer focal length for headshots. Try using wide and telephoto lenses with each setup and give your clients some nice variety.

Capture Action

Lifestyle photography often involves capturing people in motion, so be prepared to photograph your subject as they go about their everyday activities. This includes anything from playing sports to cooking to hanging out with friends.

The key regarding how to shoot lifestyle photography is capturing authentic and candid moments that tell a story about your subject’s life. Be patient, be prepared to shoot from a distance, and use natural light and a wide lens to help create a natural and authentic look. With practice, you’ll develop your style and approach to lifestyle photography.

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