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What to Look for in a Headshot Photographer

Female Actor Headshot NYC

As you look for the right photographer for your headshot, there are some important things to consider to ensure you find the right photographer for your needs and budget.  

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A photographer’s portfolio should have well-composed and well-lit headshots and display a style that fits your particular needs. When reviewing their headshot portfolio look for people like yourself.  If everyone is young, white, and gorgeous, and you’re not, this photographer might not be your best choice. 


When speaking with the photographer for the first time, they should ask questions about the headshot’s specific purpose. 

  • Do you need one good profile picture for LinkedIn?
  • Do you need multiple photos to help tell your brand’s story?
  • You may have regular speaking engagements and need a headshot for that. 
  • Are you an actor needing a headshot to get you parts in TV, film, or stage?

You want to go into the shoot with you and the photographer on the same page as to exactly what you want to get out of this photoshoot.


Retouching is important.  Unfortunately, many photographers and retouchers go too far with retouching, or the retouching is painfully apparent. I always say, “if you can see the retouching, it’s no good.”

Actor headshot of an actor


When people love what they do, they do it better. Hire a photographer who enjoys photographing people. 


Pricing should be transparent and reasonable.  Look for photographers who offer multiple packages that suit your needs and budget.

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